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Articol publicat pe 18-03-2019
RESS-SS-01: Sea Survival, basics – 8 [h] 
The aims of this BST Sea Survival course are, by theoretical and practical training to give the participants the basic knowledge and skills to act safely and take the correct preventive actions in all aspects of offshore operations from shore to installation vessel or WTG and vice versa, both during normal operation and in an emergency in an offshore wind energy environment. 

RESS-FA-02: First Aid for working at height, basics – 16 [h] 
This course applies common procedures for granting first aid in the field of wind turbines.

Reactions are underlined mostly, efficient in case of accidents at work, granting first aid and the execution of rescue measures onsite according to the restrictions from the wind turbines field.
Legal requirements and standard procedures are described in this module, which is a prerequisite for all works related to wind turbines. 

RESS-WAH-05: Working at heights and rescue training, basics – 16 [h]
RESS-FAW-16: Fire awareness and fire-fighting, basic – 4 [h]
RESS-MH-22: Manual Handling, basic – 4 [h]