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Name des Unternehmens Monsson Operation
Tätigkeitsbereich Renewable Energy
Anschrift 480 Tomis boulevard, 900519, Constanta, Romania
Stadt Constanta
Vorstellung des Unternehmens WEB
Bringing a wind farm to life is a laborious and time-consuming process, involving a great amount of resources. Established in 1997, Monsson Group has focused on renewable energy since 2004 and became a major wind farm developer country wide with more than 2400 MW projects in its portfolio.

Driven by the hard work of 500 specialized employees, Monsson Group performs a wide range of services for wind farms comprising development, construction, operation, maintenance, service and electricity trading.

Monsson Operation is a world renowned Independent Service Provider (ISP) performing Wind Turbine Installation services, Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance, Wind Turbine Service and Asset Management for Substations and Wind Farms.

Join our team today. Monsson Operation will hire 200 new technicians by end of June 2018.
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Stellenbezeichnung Name des Unternehmens Stadt Anfangsdatum
Electromechanical tehnician Monsson Operation Constanta 30-06-2020
Alpinist Utilitar/ Tehnician inspectii si reparatii pale Monsson Operation Constanta 30-06-2020
Inspector SSM Monsson Operation Constanta 30-06-2020
Inginer Service / Service Engineer Monsson Operation Constanta 05-06-2020
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