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If you want to become a wind turbine technician, there is good news and bad news. The good news is this field is growing by leaps and bounds, so you should have no problem finding a job (especially in certain states well-known for developing wind turbine facilities). The bad news is you will need substantial training to understand all aspects of the technology and safely carry out the job of a wind turbine technician. Yet, there is even more good news: most wind turbine technicians are partially trained on the job. This means employers have an immediate need for new technicians, acknowledge that the field requires substantial training, and are willing to offer training on the job to qualified job applicants. Most new technicians will not be completely trained on the job, but you do not have to graduate from a four-year degree program or get your master’s degree to work in this fast growing field.
Test Wind Turbine Technology and Future Opportunities

Today, wind turbines are appearing all over the country. You can see them stretching into the skyline of big cities as well as erected out in the countryside of smaller towns and rural areas. They are providing much-needed natural, sustainable energy that will help make the earth a healthier, more cost efficient place to live in the future. Right now there are jobs opening up in wind turbine plants around the country, but there is an expected trend for the future that will make these jobs even more plentiful. Off-shore wind turbines are expected to be erected rapidly in years to come, so wind turbine technicians trained to work off-shore will be in hot demand. Those technicians currently working in on-shore wind turbine facilities will have some of the experience and training required to take more lucrative off-shore jobs as they open up in the future.
Test Mechanical Abilities

If you want to become a wind turbine technician, it will help if you have great mechanical abilities. If you are generally good with your hands or have experience in auto mechanics or other fields that require assembling mechanical equipment or making repairs, you could be well suited to the position of wind turbine technician. Mechanical abilities are not a prerequisite to entering a training program or securing a job, but they are essential if you are to become well-trained in the field.

  • RESS-SS-01 / RESS-SSR-01 : Sea Survival basic/refresh
  • RESS-FA-02 / RESS-FAR-03 : Emergency First Aid for working at height basic/refresh
  • RESS-WAH-05 / RESS-WAHR-06 : Working at heights and rescue training, basics/refresh
  • RESS-WAH-05-TSL / RESS-WAHR-06-TSL : Working at heights and rescue training, basic/refresher training, using TSL equipment
  • RESS-FAW-16 / RESS-FAWR-16 : Fire awareness and fire-fighting, basic/refresh
  • RESS-MH-22 / RESS-MHR-22 : Manual Handling, basic/refresh
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