News about GWO and the new WINDA ID

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Article published on 07-10-2016

WINDA is a global platform designed for the wind industry with the primary purpose of assuring the status of approved Training Providers and Delegates who have attended designated training courses. WINDA is intended to help support the continual improvement of global wind safety standards, reduce costs across the wind supply chain and provide enhanced assurance of the quality and integrity of training being carried out.

WINDA for Delegates/Technicians

All Delegates who attend a GWO Training course must create a profile in WINDA in order to get a WINDA ID which they must supply to the Training Provider prior to completing the training. As a Delegate, WINDA has one primary function which is to upload and verify your training records to employers and others. The upload of records into WINDA will become a requirement to verify your training status. It is therefore important that you create a profile in WINDA before you attend a training course from October 17, 2016.

WINDA for employers and organizations

Employers as well as other stakeholders can create a profile to look-up and verify the training status of individuals in WINDA. To an employer, WINDA has one primary function, which is to look up and verify training records of employees. As an employer, you will therefore have to create a profile in WINDA in order to verify a training status.

How do you access WINDA?

You need to register as a Delegate at here (from October 17) via the “Register” option. Choose to be registered in WINDA as a Delegate and fill out the required information. Please make sure that you register with your own personal email address. Once you have submitted your details, you will automatically be sent an e-mail requesting you to set up the account.